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The Bookshop is my happy place! - Bob

Hello, my dear friends! You would know me if you have ever visited the EBD Bookshop in Dehradun. After all, I am the main reason you come there. My name is Bob, and I am the cutest dog you will ever see. There came this girl in the Bookshop a few days ago, she called me a "soft toy". Now, that is sheer disrespect. I am very soft and sweet, but I am not a toy at all. In fact, I have a life of my own; I know how to talk and express my feelings. I know how to write and read; that is why I am in a bookshop in the first place. I am one of a kind. I love relaxing, calm, loud, and clear music. Oh please, don't be surprised; dogs have preferences too.  Lately, I have been facing some back problems. Oh, how it hurts! I have to sit with a bent back and a sad face. I have been passing hints for a few days, but no one noticed until today. One of the fellows at the Bookshop finally noticed my back pains, so they gave me the perfect remedy! They helped me stand up straight with the sup

Quaint Little Bookshop - AI Chatbot

A short story This is fiction, and any resemblance to any character or persona is just by chance; we did this to test an AI Chatbot and see how we could draft a story for a book. Shmooz AI is a WhatsApp bot based on GPT 3 model from OpenAI.  Once upon a time, a quaint little bookshop was tucked away in the heart of Dehradun called The English Book Depot. It was owned by a young woman named Millie, who was passionate about books and deeply loved the English language. The shop was small, with shelves of books overflowing onto the floor. It was a cosy place, with a warm ambience and the scent of freshly brewed coffee filling the air. Millie would often host readings and discussions at the shop, inviting people to come and share their thoughts on literature. One day, a young writer named Rohan stumbled upon The English Book Depot. He had been struggling with writer's block for months and desperately needed some literary inspiration. He wandered through the shelves and soon found himsel

100-year-old Bookshop in Dehradun

The Drawing House now explores the rich book-reading culture in its hometown - Dehradun. And this new journey starts with 'THE ENGLISH BOOK DEPOT', a 100-year-old book shop in Dehradun, popularly known as 'BARISTA WALI BOOKSHOP'. Watch this amazing charcha about the history of his amazing bookshop. Website: Address: 15, Rajpur Rd, Ghanta Ghar, Chukkuwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001. The producer of the video, Somya Mohan Sharma, decided to open this channel that can become the voice of all the industry artists and academics. With over ten years of experience working in the animation industry and in academics.

The beauty of bookshops - Rishona Chopra

                                                              When I enter a bookshop, I see stories clinging onto shelves nonstop. I want to look at every shelf, Even the fantasy stories of an elf. The environment makes me feel as if I should never leave, Just sit down and read. The cosy chairs, Sad stories that shed tears. Then I think, I could have ordered books in a blink. But it won't be as fun, In the beautiful world of stories that has just begun! "We are celebrating  years of the Bookstore and have set up a social space above the Bookstore. The Learning Forward India Foundation works to support schools and schooling with reading, writing, speaking and learning. #MyGoodSchool" - Sandeep Dutt at The English Book Depot. Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School 

A brief history of our time - The English Book Depot at 100

Best is quite unreal, as better is the only way ahead! This debate about rewards, awards, and PR is never ending and will raise many hackles. The only single truth is there is no more immense exhilaration than the #JoyOfLearning - reading, writing and speaking. Back from the Hyderabad Literary Festival, I am convinced that stories alone make us, and we are a story! We had storytellers, booksellers, librarians, artists, activists, sponsors and young people. A beautiful milieu to spread the joy of reading. Books in print, digital form, oral rendition and choreography. We are celebrating 100 💯 years of the Bookstore and have set up a social space above the Bookstore. The Learning Forward India Foundation works to support schools and schooling with reading, writing, speaking and learning.   #MyGoodSchool My Good School - above The English Book Depot at Dehradun, visit this social space when you visit the city next city. A brief history of our time 100 Years of The English Book Depot, ope

A Day In My Life - Reveda Bhatt

24 th September this year was exciting. So, it was Saturday, and my colleague, Kunal (with whom I had been talking for about one year), was in Dehradun (where I live) on his School trip. We had been discussing meeting at the NATIONAL OFFICE*, at The English Book Depot, for days. We fixed the date to meet as 25 th . Talking about something on the 24 th , we changed our plan to meet that day as they were here in a group! I requested my Mom to drop me off there. When I reached with my Mom, they all hadn’t arrived, so we went to the back side of the book-shop and into Sir’s office, spoke to him and just a while later, the whole group arrived. After meeting them, my Mom left. Seeing them all the first time, I hadn’t spoken to any one of them except Kunal. But, that day, meeting them, we all had fun. Sir bought us coffee and then went somewhere. Later, to discuss work, we both sat at a table nearby. Soon, it was time for