Wednesday 19 January 2022

Making Others Happy - Anoushka Vinod

To get true happiness, you need to make someone feel it. Life is full of twists and turns. You are bound to see a
dark time in life. That's okay! All you need to do is turn on the light. In our session, we learnt about making others
happy. I realised that if we want to have pleasure in life, we need to fill happiness in someone else's. I read how
Walt Disney was always trying to make people happy. I adore Disney movies. Getting to know the story behind
them was very intriguing. 

A personal incident that I had with making others happy was very heartwarming. Whenever I used to stand at my
bus stop, I always saw this dog who used to come sniffing everyone's lunch boxes for food early in the morning.
This continued for days, and I started feeling pitiful about it. I came back home that day and asked my mother to
give me extra food for the dog. From that day onwards, I thought about offering food every day.

I want to make a change in the world. I want everyone to experience contentment instead of anxiety, sorrow and
rage. You can only feel joy when you are determined not to fall into anger's trap. To finish off, I would like to
write a well-known quote stated by Charlie Chaplin - "A day without laughter is a day wasted."
Anoushka Vinod
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

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