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Ignorance - Rishona Chopra

Ignorance is when we ignore the law of nature. When we think life will never end and we are immortal and will live forever is ignorance. When we forget that things change, we and ignorant.  If you think you have come out of the world of ignorance and have achieved something great, and now you are more extraordinary, this thought simply displays that you are in the world of ignorance. Ignorance is thinking that you are greater or your success will never end. Once you achieve something big and instead of being greedy for more, you cherish it: being free from ignorance. When the thought does not come to your mind that your success will never end, you are free. The most prominent example is Lord Buddha. Did he ever show off his success and strength? No, because he was free from ignorance. And as he rightly said, desire is the cause of pain. This doesn't mean we shouldn't have ambitions and dreams. There is a simple difference between the desire of want and need. If you desire to be

Ignorance, Evolution and the Avatar - Anvesha Rana

It is uncanny that we sometimes just need a short story or a mishappening to make us realize our position in this circle of life. We all are human, yet we stand at different steps of the same staircase. Our mindset defines the place we idealize, but there are many positions to choose from:  Realization of Ignorance is the first stage of development. It is the state where we think we are superior to our fellow beings, but in reality, we are just the same. Ignorance makes us turn a blind eye to the tiny creatures; it fills us with a sense of pride and destroys the humility within us. When the worms discovered the ray of light, they felt that it was meant for them to find and that they were special, but if the worms had been a little wiser, they would have decided to share this finding with the entire the worm population for everyone's wellbeing. Ignorance makes us immature, and after some time, it will cause us to rot. There is no development in ignorance; when we blindfold new learn

The Worm I want to be: Story Reflection - Anusha Jain

My reflection from the story  Ignorance, Evolution and Avatar After reading this beautiful story about enlightenment and awakening, I think most people would want to be like the last group of worms which grow wings and fly away from the canal, those yogis, saints and sages who raise beyond the belt of ignorance to the supreme freedom of spirit. It is wiser to first be the initial group of worms who represent the first stage of ignorance, those who cross the physical and vital evolution phase and rise to the higher mental being and live content and satisfied. It is because we live in a world where we run  an endless rat race and chase after money. We are told to make a promising career and think about our aspirations. So, practically, if we can become like the first group of worms, we would be able to decide about our future in a better way whilst living up to society's expectations. By doing so, we would be able to help other people attain enlightenment and make a difference. Anush

The worm I want to be - Rishona Chopra

 I want to be a worm who grew wings and flew away from the canal. They didn't think they were more extraordinary because of little light but tried to attain peace and freedom and did not let pride and ignorance touch them. The first group of worms represents the first stage of evolution in ignorance. They are those human beings who have crossed the physical and most crucial phase of evolution and risen to the consciousness of the higher mental being. The second group of worms represents the next stage of evolution in which human consciousness or the mind opens itself to a higher light beyond the rational mind and receives intuitions and inspirations from it but still lives within the world of ignorance.  The last group of worms which grow wings and fly away from the canal are those human souls who proceed further and rise beyond the belt of human mental ignorance to the supreme freedom of the spirit.  I want to be like the last group. That person who would raise beyond the belt of