Wednesday 15 June 2022

The worm I want to be - Rishona Chopra

 I want to be a worm who grew wings and flew away from the canal.

They didn't think they were more extraordinary because of little light but tried to attain peace and freedom and did not let pride and ignorance touch them.

The first group of worms represents the first stage of evolution in ignorance. They are those human beings who have crossed the physical and most crucial phase of evolution and risen to the consciousness of the higher mental being. The second group of worms represents the next stage of evolution in which human consciousness or the mind opens itself to a higher light beyond the rational mind and receives intuitions and inspirations from it but still lives within the world of ignorance. 

The last group of worms which grow wings and fly away from the canal are those human souls who proceed further and rise beyond the belt of human mental ignorance to the supreme freedom of the spirit. 

I want to be like the last group. That person who would raise beyond the belt of human ignorance and go beyond the sky. In the wheel of life, I want to be free from suffering and desire like Buddha. All stages represent the worms, and in the end, the first two stages still desire more and live in human and mental ignorance.

I want to be like the last group who open their wings and fly in the spiritual world with a smile.

Rishona Chopra 
Grade VI 
Gyanshree School

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  1. Yes, indeed. A wonderful relation with the wheel of life. Living in ignorance like the first stages even if you are content is like being happy when you are a thief.
    Striving for more and achieving it with patience is the right path.
    Keep writing and inspiring!


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