Wednesday 20 December 2023

Life - An Unexpected Journey! - Saikiran Sahu


The journey of life doesn’t go as how one thinks

It goes what it's destined for

But what is it destined for?

Or Power?

It is what fate really holds for you,

And your fate is to steer it in the direction you want it to go in

Travels just like a wave

Sometimes still as a statue and sometimes

as ferocious as a lion!

It is not what you think that’s coming in future 

But what you were least expecting to see

Let me clear it out to you

There isn't any fixed path or a map that tells you 

where to go or how to go

It is upon you,

It is you who grabs opportunities passing by and you who 

losses it because you didn't pay attention  

Nevertheless, in this unexpected journey 

there are always ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys

But we need to remember 

 with every dusk there is a dawn ready to rise again! 

-Saikiran Sahu, IX

Gyanshree School

Illustrated by istock

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