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Finding your inner voice - Pasang Sherpa

Helping others find their voice which means helping someone to realize that they can also stand upfront in any situation.  We can inform them about the human sight they possess if there are matters that need to be dealt with by rules and laws.  We can help other people but before doing so we should prove ourselves worthy to do so then only we shall be able to guide them to reach their actual inner voice. Pasang Sherpa Pestalozzi Children's Village Society

Finding Your Voice - Tenzin Nyesel

REFLECTION: " Finding your voice " (inner voice) Let's talk about the voice, not the one with which we speak but the inner voice. The voice that whispers in our mind with powerful and meaningful words. It tells us what's right and what's not. It tells us when to leave and where to go when needed. It tells us when to say yes and when to say no. Sometimes, that voice is crystal clear. It says go or stay, right or wrong, but sometimes it whispers. Always be calm and concentrative to have great clarity of that voice. "Never let your inner voice drown in this noisy world because, in the end, that voice knows what's right for you. Always trust your inner voice."    Tenzin Nyesel, Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Why Does My Voice Matter? - Shambhavi Nautiyal

Picture Courtesy: My voice matters because 'I matter'.  I want my voice to matter to all. My voice is purely the interpretation of my thoughts. And it resonates with my soul's reflection on what my body and my mind are going through. It fabricates all of my emotions, opinions, beliefs and desires. It unfolds one by one like the onion peels layer by layer, taking physical form, and I turn my thoughts into reality.  My voice raises my apprehensions. And sometimes, it unravels my reality. It often unleashes the truth of my core. It lets me stand tall with my head held high. My voice has been raised on innumerable instances - whenever my existence was questioned; whenever my presence was neglected; whenever my efforts were made meaningless; whenever my credibility was shaken.  It is not that I raise my voice only if I am overlooked. I am also vocal when it comes to my loved ones' well-being. I also voice it whenever

Today Is The Day When You Define For Yourself - Rishona Chopra

Decision making and trusting our inner voice is indeed an art. The actual counsellor we have is our inner voice, our soul that understands our feelings and situation better than anyone.  Making decisions and choosing the right path is essential. It is better to choose a lonely path rather than a crowded path. Even as a child, when you try to stay on the right way, you feel the peer pressure, and due to that, you cannot make the right decisions. It's better to have one good friend than a group of bad friends.  Therefore it's better to go along the road less travelled. It means that we should not get influenced by others on the wrong path but should always trust our voice because it knows it all and protects us. Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

Say what you think

Disagreement and debate are the lifeblood of democracy Alasdair McWhirter | McWhirter Foundation Chair If you are one of our alumni and reading this, the chances are you are bright and may well go on to achieve great things in whatever career you choose. Whether that turns out to be in AI, fashion, medicine, politics, protecting the environment or something completely different, find the courage to say what you think about the things that matter to you, particularly when your view is different to that of your friends.  Social media has its good side but it has also led to a world in which there is a ‘received’ view on most important social, moral and political questions for any given peer group. Disagreeing with that view can feel quite scary, so many people choose to go with the flow and not really think about what may be an important issue. The problem is that ‘accepted’ views can often end up being far too simplistic, leaving little room for nuance, let alone outright disagreement.