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My Graduation Day Speech - Aria Gupta

I stand here to give my speech on this momentous day. This school has given me several opportunities to learn and express my skills.  When a school year ends, we always find joy in the little things we didn’t see before. The fun of chatting happily during the lunch break, talking to our friends before class starts, the relief of exams finally getting over, telling everybody about our plans when vacations are near, and so much more are some memories we will keep throughout the years. I would like to thank all my teachers and parents who supported me in every step I made. I would also like to thank the rest of the school staff who kept all the classrooms clean and gave us food in the cafeteria. I would like to apologise to them if we created a mess in the class. I wish all graduates the best of luck for the upcoming year. Aria Gupta  Grade VI Gyanshree School

My Graduation Day Speech - Prachi Thakur

I would like to thank all the Pestalozzi staff members who provided me education and all the facilities. Because of them, only I can be in this position. I also thank my teachers and friends who supported me in my difficult situation. Without them, I was nothing. They encouraged me whenever I tried to give up and were there for me every time.  I don't have words to express my gratitude to them. I am really great full to you. Thank you for doing everything for me.

My graduation speech at school - Rishona Chopra

Good morning my fellow graduates! I stand before you on this special day to give my parting speech. This school has opened up several opportunities for me. Everything had unique value, from exams to lunch, sports to competitions, and left me with priceless learning.  I've made some beautiful and memorable memories in this school. The fun of running out of the class for the sports class, the nervousness and happiness in the annual day practice, the excitement of seeing the science labs for the first time, the peppiness of travelling for a school trip and the agitation during my exams. It all mattered to me a lot and made quite a difference.  One of the decisions that really made a significant change was joining My Good School. It helped me a lot and opened many doors for me.  This journey wouldn't have been so incredible without all my teachers supporting me at every step. So thank you to all my teachers who have guided me. Yes, I've had tough and challenging times, but life

My passing out speech at school - Veda Varshita Marrivada

Dear Graduates, I am honoured and excited to stand before you today as we celebrate our graduation from this esteemed institution. As we leave this beloved institution that has been our home for several years, we take with us a wealth of knowledge, great experiences, and lots of memories, such as teamwork, helping others, good behaviour etc., that will help us a lifetime.  Now I want to share some of the memories I experienced and will never be forgotten. One of my most memorable moments of schooling was when I  got selected for the Prefectorial Board. It helped me learn new things and balance my studies and social and extracurricular activities. I had a great time and activities with my friends and enjoyed learning thoroughly and memories of our time-shared experiences. I got an opportunity to attend My Good School Retreat at The Doon Girls School in Dehradun when I was in Grade 5. Although leaving my home and parents was devastating. I explored and learnt many pleasant and memorable

Speech on passing out of school - Tenzin Tsomo

Good morning, I, Tenzin Tsomo of Pestalozzi, studying in 7th class, writing a speech on passing out of school. It was very exciting and nervous when I joined the school for the first time. But after some days, I made many friends in school, and I enjoyed it a lot, but now as I'm leaving school, I am despondent about it because it is the best school I have ever joined. I am proud that I studied at this school. I learned a lot and had a lot of memories . And I cried on the first day of school and now on the last day. Tenzin Tsomo Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Freedom - Ushita Saxena

What is Freedom? Have you ever wondered about that? Generally, Freedom can act or change without constraint. The power or right to speak, act or think the way one wants to. To do something without someone controlling you.   It is essential in life. There are many types of Freedom such as: 1)Freedom of belief: the right to hold any belief. 2)Freedom of speech: The right of an individual or a community to say their opinions and ideas without fear.   We should have the right to seek and receive information and ideas of one’s choice.   Why is Freedom the essence of life? It   is because it helps us express ourselves, allowing us to become what we want to become. W e should have the Freedom to think and make our own decisions.   “ Freedom is being you without anyone’s permission”. Ushita Saxena Grade V Gyanshree School