Tuesday 16 May 2023

My Graduation Day Speech - Aria Gupta

I stand here to give my speech on this momentous day. This school has given me several opportunities to learn and express my skills. 

When a school year ends, we always find joy in the little things we didn’t see before. The fun of chatting happily during the lunch break, talking to our friends before class starts, the relief of exams finally getting over, telling everybody about our plans when vacations are near, and so much more are some memories we will keep throughout the years.

I would like to thank all my teachers and parents who supported me in every step I made. I would also like to thank the rest of the school staff who kept all the classrooms clean and gave us food in the cafeteria. I would like to apologise to them if we created a mess in the class.

I wish all graduates the best of luck for the upcoming year.

Aria Gupta 

Grade VI

Gyanshree School

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