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Speech on passing out of school - Tenzin Tsomo

Good morning, I, Tenzin Tsomo of Pestalozzi, studying in 7th class, writing a speech on passing out of school.

It was very exciting and nervous when I joined the school for the first time. But after some days, I made many friends in school, and I enjoyed it a lot, but now as I'm leaving school, I am despondent about it because it is the best school I have ever joined. I am proud that I studied at this school. I learned a lot and had a lot of memories. And I cried on the first day of school and now on the last day.

Tenzin Tsomo

Pestalozzi Children's Village India


  1. Sir the writer is Tenzin Tsomo la

  2. Indeed, passing out is very hard because of the beautiful memories we made along the way!


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