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My Contribution To Change The World - Pasang Sherpa

We can contribute to changing the world in a diverse manner. So I prefer to contribute to this objective by opening schools in rural areas.  Keeping in mind, how much social importance education has in this modern, complex industrialised society. It helps in imparting values, and reforms attitudes in children, and most importantly it is of vital importance.  But before contributing toward changing the world, one should know that revolutionizing the world is not so easy. One cannot change the world by himself/herself. The world is mammoth, it is changeless until everyone joins their hands together. Pasang Sherpa Pestalozzi Children's Village Society

What if our source of life disappered - Yashraj Sharma

  George R.R. Martin rightly said that "Once the sun has set, no candle can replace it." If our source of life, the Sun, were to disappear, humans would have no way to survive. You might have imagined that day, but what would happen if it happened? Our fate would be sealed. Seriously, what would happen on Earth? We would not notice anything until after eight minutes. There would not be any change in the temperature because our atmosphere and oceans have stored enough heat to last us a few weeks, but after that, things will start to get freezing. The ocean's surface would freeze over in two months, and humans would slowly disappear across the globe. As a result, there would be a lot of human carcasses lying around freely, as no one could bury the bodies properly, and they would rot away. Let's now talk about what would cause mass disturbances in the solar system. The Earth's tilt would gradually increase because there would be no gravitational pull from the Sun.