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Finding Your Voice - Tenzin Nyesel

REFLECTION: " Finding your voice " (inner voice) Let's talk about the voice, not the one with which we speak but the inner voice. The voice that whispers in our mind with powerful and meaningful words. It tells us what's right and what's not. It tells us when to leave and where to go when needed. It tells us when to say yes and when to say no. Sometimes, that voice is crystal clear. It says go or stay, right or wrong, but sometimes it whispers. Always be calm and concentrative to have great clarity of that voice. "Never let your inner voice drown in this noisy world because, in the end, that voice knows what's right for you. Always trust your inner voice."    Tenzin Nyesel, Pestalozzi Children's Village India

I am unique - Rishona Chopra

Before you read, this is not written by me, but by a girl (unknown) who wants to tell me about her life. Dear Diary, Yes. Today was tough, not the best, I was made fun of at school, but I got all A's on my English Test, so that's a good thing. I got the highest score in SSC but not a total score; I got two questions wrong. I don't know why but usually, the things that troubled me to seem to stay in my head and affect me a lot. I might be short; I don't know why. I like to cuddle with my mother, I don't know why. I want to spend my time with books, I don't know why. I am different, but I am unique. What matters is that my heart is beautiful. If I study too much,  people call me a nerd. If I don't, they call me a fool. I can never stand up to one's expectations, but I can always stand up to my dreams and expectations. I am not perfect. I am satisfied with who I am. You might be thinking, why am I talking about such sentimental things, but these thoughts pe