Thursday 8 July 2021

Happiness and Me - Susan Marandi

 "All these kids are icebergs; we only see the tip." -a character in the show Castle.

We all are like icebergs; people only see some qualities and a part of us. But how many of us know our real us, our real side? Very few or none of us know 100% of ourselves, but there is nothing wrong with that. If you don't know what you are passionate about, it's ok. If you don't know what your talent is, it's ok. You at least have to give it a try to show the real you to the world and, most importantly, to yourself. Because that is what gives happiness to you. And that's what really matters.😃

Something I wonder about. . . . .
What if life is a dream and death is the end of that dream. When you wake up, you realize it was all a dream, and you have another chance to live and correct the mistakes you made in your dream. And have another chance to fulfil every dream of yours. It might be wonderful, right? But this won't happen in real life, so fulfil and achieve every dream of yours in this life and live every moment as if it's never gonna come back.
Susan Marandi
Class 8
The Doon Girls' School, Dehradun

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