Monday 26 July 2021

I am who I am - Linisha Agarwal

A person’s character should not be judged by their marks or the amount of wealth he or she has or by their looks. The deeds and personalities are what makes a person good.
 I won’t be talking about where I come from, who my parents are, which school I study in or what class am I in or what my age is. Because these are things that just represent me but not define me. 

My character is what defines me.

Why do you want to be like others?

I me

I am who I am

I do what makes me happy.

I live for myself, not you.

U may not agree with me…

But I am not seeking your approval.

I am happy with all that I am!

Don’t let anyone decide what you will do?

You do what you want to do!!!

Just be yourself, don’t think how others will think. Be what you are. Why change? Why look like others or be others or copy others?

Can’t you be real you, we are much more beautiful than actresses, they look beautiful because they are in a mask, a mask of makeup. In reality, some of them are or might be really horrible. And if you think wow they are so thin then don’t imagine yourself to be like them because they do hours of exercise and their diet is way too less. So don’t imagine yourself like them, just live your own beautiful life.

If you say, I am so fat, see she is so slim. Then ask yourself, “why am I thinking about her body? I am cute this way but if I think I am too fat then exercise”. Why judge your body while seeing others?

Can you imagine if everyone in the world looks the same! Can you recognize each other? If not, then why be like others. Would you like it if there were two Jimin in South Korea… I would hate it!

Be you and stay you!

- Linisha Agarwal
Class 6, The Doon Girls' School Dehradun

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