Thursday 29 July 2021

Save Environment - Simran Soni

The word environment refers to all ecological units naturally present on earth in the form of land, water, air, soil, forest, sunlight, minerals, living organisms, etc. The earth is full of natural surroundings, some are biotic, and some are non-biotic. We should save our environment by planting more and more trees. World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5th June and is the United Nations' principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action to protect the environment.

On world environment day, we all take a day off from our work and join various campaigns to spread awareness about environmental protection. Moreover, we all plant small saplings in a barren land to grow and flourish in the land area after some years. We also take part in various processions to make people aware of this day to protect our environment.

Simran Soni
Class VI
The Fabindia School

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  1. This is the awareness that we want all the global citizens to wake up to. Well written!!


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