Tuesday 27 July 2021

Service - Tanmay Singh


Today I wish to share my farming experience with you.
Last week I visited my farmhouse. I saw that a farmer was ploughing the field. I saw a group of birds twittering and hovering on the field. I was moving around the field in the evening. Then the rain started. The farmer sat near the bullock, and the birds flew away. When the rain stopped, the farmer started ploughing the field. I asked him to teach me how to do it. I also ploughed the field. It was my first day when I ploughed the field. I really enjoyed it. I learned that farming is not an easy task; it takes lots of effort and skills to grow crops. We must be thankful to all the farmers for the food we eat.

Tanmay Singh
Class VIII B
The Fabindia School

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