Teamwork - Bhumika Nimbark

Teamwork is an activity in which many people work together to achieve a goal. The most important person in a team is the leader. The leader is the one who brings the idea of team spirit among his teammates so that they work properly in a cooperative manner. If the leader doesn't complete his duties, then his team can never achieve success. I learned the value of teamwork when my teacher told me to prepare a play on Human Rights within a week for an upcoming occasion. I was given a team of 20 students, and only a few of them were cooperative. I was apprehensive about how we will do it, but then, as a responsible leader, I prepared the dialogues for my team, and I was very strict towards them so that the task could be completed on time. In 6 days, my team was ready with their dialogues, their pretty props, the different scenes, and on the last day, we performed our play in front of the whole school. By that day, I learned the importance of teamwork and leadership in a team.

Bhumika Nimbark
Class X
The Fabindia School 


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