Monday 25 April 2022

Online to Offline School: A Journey for the young - Aanya Kumar

The last two years have been a setback for everyone. Suddenly everything was shut down. However, no one can compare the hardships students and teachers faced during the pandemic to anything else. Some students took advantage of this by either skipping some classes or cheating on exams. Some people were still loyal and truthful towards the school and themselves. 

The first year was skimmed through. The second year made everyone miss the school bus honking near their buildings. As offline school has resumed, students face issues regarding waking up on time for school. However, students can interact more with their teachers. Of course, we also missed talking to our friends during the online schooling. 

The reprimands of teachers were something our ears had been waiting for. Muting and unmuting were complicated, and now we can speak whenever we want. So, this phase of students' hearts being broken and then put together again was a complicated but exciting journey.

Aanya Kumar
Podar International School
Grade 6 B

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