Sunday 3 April 2022

Joy Of Reading - Sunita Mehta

Community Reading Program
It will inspire you by reading and reflecting, sharing examples of where children and adults in real life are using values and is very useful to stimulate discussion and philosophical debate. 

The Joy Of Reading Program is only one part of our standard core curriculum or the Life Skills Program - Reading, Speaking and Writing.   

On Sunday mornings at 11.00 AM, you can join us for live reading sessions. Best you attend with a copy of the book and experience the Joy of Reading. 

Post the session, the readers reflect and share their real-life experiences on our blog Joy Of Learning Diaries - writing, audio, video, graphic, and poetry. #JoyOfLearning

Sunita Mehta is a dedicated educator and is the Headmistress at Gyanshree School Noida. She has had the opportunity of teaching in schools all over India.

Sandeep Dutt, School Improvement Coach, has empowered thousands of teachers and touched the lives of near a million children.

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