Thursday 28 April 2022

My first day of school after 2 years - Yashraj Sharma

Today when I went to school for the first time after 2 years, my sister and I were very excited to go to school. We even got excited hearing the school bus horn when we boarded the school bus. When we reached the school and I reached my class I saw all my classmates and my teachers in person after 2 whole years, who I had been seeing through my laptop screen.

When we heard the school bell ring after the first period, it just added more melody to my ears. The small chitchat sounds of my classmates sounded so exciting.

After that, the barren land of the noticeboard caught my attention and I could somehow empathise with the noticeboard and how it had been totally empty for the past time period and so to add to its vibrance so I decided to make it lively and give my splash of rainbow colours and draw some calligraphy strokes and make it a bit more vibrant and colourful, and so I thought that we weren’t the only ones excited to go to school. Even our class notice boards were excited for us to come to school and make it vibrant again. Yashraj Sharma Grade VIII Gyanshree School

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