Sunday 24 April 2022

Student Leader: Mentor or Monitor? - Anvesha Rana


Great Leaders don't tell you what to do, 
they show how it's done.

There is always a significant role for the monitor in every class, and there are many criteria for selecting a monitor. Usually, a monitor is the most disciplined and ideal student, but a monitor cannot actually help anyone. A class needs a Mentor or a Student Leader, the one who can take up tasks with zeal, do them with endurance, and ensure contributions from each student. A Student Leader is not an ideal student, but it is someone who is appreciated by all for everything that they do.  

A Real Leader should be the one who carries immutable values and respect for the past. A Real Leader may be older than you, but they will still treat you the same. Leaders should be amiable and charming personalities who are diplomatic in their terms. We all have a Leader within ourselves; we just need to recognise it. Student Leaders are within all of us. 

Today we read the last chapter of the book 'My Good School', and there are many things that I learned from this book. Primarily that school is much more than brick-and-mortar and is actually land that has come to life. A School can become a Good School only through Students Mentors, Happy Teachers and Dynamic Leaders. We view the different aspects of School through this book, and if you read this book, then there is one thing for sure you will also realise that School is FUN!

Anvesha Rana, Grade 10-B, Gyanshree School


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