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Today Is The Day When You Define for Yourself - Amaira Bhati


Sometimes it's the most minor decisions that can change your life forever.

In life, you always have two things to choose, a right decision or a wrong decision, and you choose between right or wrong as per what you think is best. Well, I will tell you when I got stuck at my crossroad.

I had a stomach ache one day, so I told my mother, and she said, “Go to the birthday party with your father and maybe you will be fine there and take a holiday from school.” But I thought deeply, in my mind there was only one question – Should I take a holiday and go to the birthday party or should I go to school? My mind was jumbled up with the consequences of school and birthday party situations. I thought that everyone in the world has a birthday and you just get food and food, and you eat food every day and skipping such an excellent educational day of school was something I didn’t like! So, I told my mom, “No, mom, I won’t take a holiday for the birthday party. I will go to school no matter what" in response, my mom just said Good, so I knew that I had made the right decision. 

Life is complicated like a tangled box of yarn, but decisions are those colourful strings which need to be separated one by one, and that is the Beauty Of Life!

Amaira Bhati,

Grade 3-F,

Gyanshree School


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