Monday 11 April 2022

'If I'd Known It Then' poem by Malvika Mishra

'If I'd Known It Then.'

When midnight dawns and I lie in my bed,

When all is quiet, safe yet dark,

I travel to places near and far

But perhaps my favourite is a land called 'The Past',

Where there are no deer, no ponds, no trees,

Many and much has been lost here, for here it floods memories.

And as I swim my way through the past, I wish I'd known it Then

That a merry day too shall face an end,

For Fate and Time will take it away

That later, I'll wish but every day

'If I'd known it Then ….'

And I think how selfish of Time it is,

For it keeps what is gone, all to itself

And what is to come, it refuses to tell

And yet how generous of Time it is,

To give us what we have Now, to provide us with what we have in hand,

We can choose to make it a mere 'now' or decide to make it grand.

And this I shall not forget,

So, for now, I'll be happy, I'll smile,

I'll take a step down a road that is long a hundred miles,

For I know, I'll wish I'd been happier Now,

When I'm on my last step and in pain,

But, alas, I can not do that now; for now, I wish I'd known it then.

To whosoever is reading this,

This poem is incomplete; I did all that I could do,

But although I poured my heart out, there's not much a poem can hold true…

Malvika Mishra, 9F,  Ahlcon Public School


  1. Wow... Awesome experience. My favourite is (I quote)..."And I think how selfish of Time it is, For it keeps what is gone, all to itself. And what is to come, it refuses to tell"
    Malvika you have an eye to note what matters in universe. Bravo, keep writing, live long and prosper

    1. Thank you, your words of appreciation really matter. Makes me happy to know that someone could relate to lines written by me :)

  2. This poem touched my heart. It is perhaps the most beautiful and relatable poem I have ever read. I read this poem a few times and am still in awe because of how amazing it is! I would love to read more of your poems :))

    1. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I don't write poems much, mostly because I'm not one good with words. A plethora of beautiful poems there are in the world, and the fact that yet you chose to call mine the most beautiful pleases me immeasurably. Thanks for reading, after all it is most reassuring to know that someone shares the same experiences as me :)

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