Saturday 30 April 2022

Real world learning - Aadya Sharma

We learn by doing. There are many examples and situations wherein I felt the same.

We go on vacations during summer break every year. Before the lockdown, we went to Rohtang pass in Manali. I have read in a book that we face dizziness and breathlessness at high altitudes but never experienced that. On that day, I had experienced this feeling, and from that day, I understood the concept of low air pressure. To date, I remember that. 

One more incident that comes to my mind is….my Mama's (uncle) daughter Saanvi who has never been to school due to lockdown and studied online like we all did. Now she is in KG, and I always tell her about the classroom, school, teachers, friends, classroom rules, etc. But she was least interested in listening as she was so small and had never been to the school. She has started school, learned many things, and imbibed the items nicely. This proves that until and unless we experience the situations and explore them on our own…we can not know well.

So, we should always try to learn more and more from our experiences and, of course, from God's beautiful creations in the universe.

Aadya Sharma


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