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The common humanity look through the night - Reveda Bhatt

Picture Courtesy: So, creeping up and about was the full moon in the night skies above the small town of Nashville. The wind blew hard and soft simultaneously, for there was no hard and fast rule. The crackling dried-up leaves swirled around in the dusty wind when they dropped on the curled-up hairs of the little girl. Out in the lonesome night was she, dressed in an elegant frilled frock with chubby cheeks and a pink tinge on the skin as if she were a Barbie! Barring her from the mist falling was her small umbrella. Her name was Eleanor.  Now, Nashville had supposedly never been famous for a "Night Life," but seeing the little girl roam about the town in the starry night, residents drew down their curtains so that their children could not see her stroll around, as every toddler craves to; otherwise, they'd blabber, "Oh, Mama! Oh, Daddy! Can't we walk through the night

I have seen a ghost and this is my story - Diva Gupta

Often we have been told that ghosts and spirits don’t exist. But I have, and here’s my story. It was the darkest of nights. I was lying in my bed, wide awake. It was midnight, and I wasn’t able to sleep. The moonlight rose into my room brighter than sunlight, so I decided to shut the blinds. I got up, only to see the dark streets of Noida. Not even a soul seemed to be seen or heard. It was like the world had just stopped itself. Perhaps this was called the witching hour. I thought of getting a glass of water. So I shut the blinds, went into the hallway, and turned on the kitchen light. As I filled my glass of water, I felt something move. When I went to check if someone was there, I saw nothing. I went back into the kitchen, and my cup was gone! I quickly hurried to my room, forgetting about my water when the blinds were up again! What was going on? I had no idea, but I decided to sleep it out. And then there was the problem of not being able to sleep.  I lay there in complete darkn

Autobiography of a Pillow - Rishona Chopra

Hi there! It's me who gives you a good night's sleep and helps you maintain a lifestyle. Wait, you don't recognize me? I am your one and only pillow!  This message is specifically for those naughty kids who think I don't know or feel anything. It all started with hitting me out of anger and then for fun, too, and they made it a game. They made a game for pillow wrestling! I mean, what do they think? That I am some non-living person who has no life?  This is injustice, and I even went to the court of pillows, and the judge declared that they would take revenge. So little kids and old adults, listen up; you better stop now! Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

I'M A Night Owl - Gia Gupta

I love My Good School! Gia Gupta, Class 5F, Gyanshree school, Noida.  #reading #nightowl #Passion #MyGoodSchool  Where Passion Meets Education Reading, Writing and Speaking that is all we do!