Saturday 14 January 2023

Reflections on how am I getting ready to face the world?

"Preparation is an essential thing to face the world. Everybody is preparing for their future. Without preparation, no one gets success in their life. We all need courage, confidence and calm when problems arise to face them. I am building my confidence, interacting with many people, being brave, exploring new things and having new experiences. I am also trying my best to be calm and understanding which is very important." -  Shristi Khulal.

"Every person in the world needs to face something until their death, whether it is easy or hard for them to face through life. I'm getting ready to face the world by targeting my weakness and studying to improve them, but if I need to face something, I am willing to face it. I'm scared about the future, but I will try my best to overcome this and focus on my studies. After completing my study and I will search for a job, or I will find a way to make money. After earning money, I will full fill my parent's dream even though I want to help orphan people." - Mankumari Rai.

"We all live in a selfish world in which everyone needs to prepare to face difficulties in life. As for me,  I am still unsure about the world outside there because I am living in a well-protected environment where I have no difficulty. Here all the necessary facilities have been provided to me. And I am very grateful for it. I have been trying to be brave, so I cannot be beaten by anyone in the future. How to be strong enough to face the difficulties which will come up in the future? I am trying to learn it from my seniors and staff, who have already been through many life difficulties. From there, I can not make any mistakes; I have to face challenges." - Monika Singh Pundir.

"Everything changes with time, so we also need to change ourselves to be able to face the world. I am also getting ready to face the world by managing my time correctly, being polite and humble with others and, most importantly, being self-confident enough to speak for myself." - Jeni Sherpa.

"I am still not ready to face the world as I have not been that confident in front of many people. But if I am ready to face the world, I will have to become brave, stronger and confident to speak in front of the world. It will become easy for me if I am not shy or become an open person. I can face the world easily."Manisha Rana

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