Tuesday 17 January 2023

Reflections from The Sunday School 15th Jan 2023 - Pestalozzi World

What do you value in life?

"Things that people do for me for my own good, like my school teachers, staff members in Pestalozzi as well as the staff working for "My Good School" and the uncles and aunties working in EBD, creating a lot of good memories with them are the valuable things in my life. My family's support and courage also matter greatly to me." - Tenzing Dhekyong N.

"I value time very much, and I respect and value people who spend their valuable time on us. This not only encourages me to become a better human and not let their efforts go in vain but also give time to others who may need it cause it's time which is the actual ultimate healer. Blessed 🙏🏼" - Tenzin Tsering.

"The thing I value the most in my life is my home. It is the place from where I started the journey of my life.No matter where or how far a person goes, he/she has to come back or end up with a place called 'home'. The home provides us with most of the things that we want. It is a place where we make love for each other and for family members. It is the very first place to start with anything.

Like before going to school, we learn A, B, C, D...... at home. We learn manners and moral values, which I still do. What do we want in our life? A safe place to stay where we can spend our days and night. So, what would be safer than home?

And the second thing that I value the most is the person's personality, behaviour, the way he/she act and react and the way of thinking etc. I guess these are the things we need to carry with us until death. These are the precious jewels a person should have." - Nisma Meghi.

"I get all the respect of others due to my Integrity, Spirituality, Perfection, Confidence,  Leadership, and Responsibility. These are the most valuable thing in my life." - Brahamdeep Thakur.

"I value many things in my life: parents, truth, study, personality, time that has given, loyalty, relatives etc. 
But the person I value a little more is my sister; in Tibetan, we say ache (sister); she helps me when I am down. She is like my close friend with whom I share feelings. And sometimes, I fight with her severely but end up hugging and crying together, saying sorry. She is also the one who teaches me good things that I value." - Richen Khando.

"For me, As a blanket statement for every living thing on Earth, nothing is the most valuable thing in life. Some people value memories. Some people value time. Some people value certain idols or ideas more than they value their lives. And that's completely fine — it's up to them to decide what they love the most in life. But who's to determine what's the most essential thing in life, ever, for everyone?

You create your own meanings and your own value in life. You really do. What you value in life differs from your friends, family, neighbours, pets, etc., and the billions of other humans you don't know and never will." - Thank you from Januka Basnet🥰☺️

"To begin with, today, I am here because I would like a better or brighter tomorrow. Being here means I receive an education and can learn valuable things daily. Whether it is academics or life lessons. So firstly, the most valuable thing in my and most people's lives is their parents. They have supported me since I was young and will support me in my future life.

Secondly, my friends and Pestalozzi have given me such a good environment and help me whenever I need them. I am very proud to have such good teachers who teach me studies and good behaviour. At the same time, there is my health and time.

Health= if I will not take care of my health, I will not be fit and fine.

Time= Not only me but everyone should value time and use it properly because time will not wait for you; you need to learn to love it." - Manisha Rana.

"Many people have their own valuable things in their life to which they really care and never wanna lose it. Similarly, I have many valuable things that cannot be bought or lost easily. Like time, we should always value the time we have, especially with our circle, since it's elusive and significant. Even happiness is essential for our mental health, which may affect the people around us." - Tenzin Nyesel.

"Firstly, life is the most valuable thing because we get human life after millions of years as a gift. We can make the most of the life given to us. Parents are also important in our life as parents not only give birth to children and provide needs like love, attention, support, care, and, most of all, knowledge. Pestalozzi is also one of the most valuable things in my life. I am fortunate and thankful to be a member of Pestalozzi and for giving me such a good opportunity to learn new things and be part of The Sunday School, by My Good School." - Smriti Rai.

"First of all, time is the most valuable thing in my; it does not have any start and end. It has its own way of moving; no one can stop it. For example, we cannot say time; please wait for me. I will study later or do any work later on. It will not wait for us. Because time doesn't wait for anyone, time is precious, so mostly all are scared to waste time. Time changes everyone's life. If we do all our work on time, it will make our future bright if we play with time, then our life will get worst. Time can control everything, but no one can control time. Even there is time for doing every work. Secondly, to be kind to others, be respectful, and help others is also valuable in my life." - Nirusha Limbu.

There are several things which have great value to me. Things which have great value in my life are time, health (both physical and mental), studies and nature. These things have been essential parts of my life since my childhood. I will always take great care and focus on these helpful values. Nishan Karki.

"Someone has rightly said `, Time and tide wait for none'. Each of us knows the value of time because we only get successful if we see the value of time. So, time is precious in our lives. We can buy a watch, but not time; once it goes, it never returns.

The second thing I value in my life is the opportunities and the love, care and support I get from people around me. Opportunities are valuable as, once gone can never come back. I am always thankful for all the people who helped me. I feel very grateful and lucky to have all those people in my life, especially Pestalozzi." - Shristi Khulal.

"The thing that I value the most in my life is my family. Families are important because nobody can live alone all the time. We need others to support us in our hard times and good times.No one could better support us than your family. They are always going to be there for you whenever you need them. I am here with my friends, who always support me because my family taught me to be friendly and good to everyone. There is a saying that says, "Treat others the way you want to be treated." I have a good relationship with everyone because of my family and the saying that they constantly reminded me of when I got upset and had a hard fight with anyone. I remember the saying and took action which would help make the situation better. I am very thankful for my family.

In my life, I value everything given to me by Pestalozzi and my family. I even value my career, so l can be successful and earn enough money to provide for my family and myself. I value my family, Pestalozzi staff and friends the most because they are the people with whom I can trust and share my problems. They are always there for me. Whenever I am in need" -  Ankita Khadka. 

"What I am grateful for, I wish to thank everyone I have ever met. They all are the ones who motivated me, who supported me, who studied and played with me. My family, especially my mother, to whom I am grateful for giving birth. My father who helped me in all ways till now. He is the one who fulfilled my requirement and who brought me toys when I was small. Here in Pestalozzi, I am grateful and thankful for whatever I get. I wish to thank the scolding which I get from my Ma'am".  - Tenzin Jambey

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