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2022 in My Good School - Rishona Chopra

My Good School taught me many things,
 It opened up new swings.
From Totto-Chan
To Swami and Friends
From Art Of Focus
To Wise and otherwise
This journey has been one of a kind.

Reading, Writing,
Speaking and Creating.
Sometimes I just look at the paper,
Not knowing what to write.
I feel my mind has gone blank,
Nothing more left to write.
Should I search for a topic?
Should I ask someone?

I finally started to notice that all writings,
Come from something I have learnt.
It is in my heart and in my mind.
The answer is in my heart.
That tells me what to write.
My Writing, in the end,
Comes from A unique book.
That perhaps why I read,
At My Good  School.

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School


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