Sunday 15 January 2023

What do I Value the most ? - Anvesha Rana

  Joyful Days and Fun chimes

With our loved ones are the best times,

Laughter surrounds us, and smiles spread, 

As family and friends meet.

We may always want to be there, 

With our family and friends,

But Alas! Not how our life wishes. 

But the cycle continues. 

And being the captain hurts,

For wasting time, we can’t afford

And to be lost amid not a good record. 

Time continues, 

Living never stops, 

It does not wait for you,

It goes on. 

But as time passes, 

We ameliorate and improve, 

Unlike stagnant water, we always groove

For we become better with every move. 

I value my loved ones for being with me, 

I love my time, for it is precious, 

I love my Improvements as I move forward, 

I love my life the most. 

Anvesha Rana, 

Grade 10-B, 

Gyanshree School

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