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Simplicity - Shilpika Pandey

Poster courtesy Rishona Chopra

Simplicity is such a simple word but is it easy to follow? In this world of materialistic magnetism, how easy is it to adorn simplicity? 

Simplicity is grace, dignity, ability to be yourself in the most natural way, to live life simply, unaffected by others' judgements. 

From the way we converse, wear attire, carry a mobile phone, travel, and exhibit our lifestyle to the way we deal with everyday situations, and play our roles respectively, everything
would need to be simplicity personified.
Surprisingly it's easier to be complex, articulate, clever, and pompous than to be simple, as the latter demands genuineness, grounded and a real persona. 
Parents really need to bring up their children in a grounded manner so that these children grow up to be empathetic, genuine individuals who know how to carry themselves with simplicity in all spheres of life, despite the privileges around them.

Simplicity doesn't mean letting go of the good things one is fortunately blessed with but being gracious enough, thankful enough for it all and not letting that affect one's behaviour in any unacceptable way.