Monday 16 January 2023

What I Value The Most In Life - Shilpika Pandey


Having come across most of what life offers us in terms of personal, social, economic, and spiritual, I value the most in life respect! It is easier to love and pamper than give someone Respect. Respecting others comes from respecting yourself first, for what you are and wish to be, and valuing your existence. 

Devoid of cultural, professional, spiritual, and economic differences, one must learn to respect humans for actually being human . Respect provides a sense of security to all and connects beautifully with co-existence. One becomes literate to exist on this planet, but one must be educated on Respect to co-exist. 

An idea appreciated, an opinion heard, a belief secured, and a preference valued is what conforms to Respect. Everyone can speak but to be a good, patient listener, one needs to use the virtue of Respect. Respect is irrespective of gender, age and profile.

Respect is earned, not demanded!

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Shilpika Pandey
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