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Thank you dear teachers! - Rishona Chopra

Thank you so much to all the teachers of the world and especially to Mrs Geetika Chopra (Mother), Ms Apoorva, Ms Anju, Ms Monisha, Ms Sayanatnee Mishra, Ms Sunita Mehta, Ms Sukhpreet Kaur, Ms Naina, Ms Neha, Ms Tanya, Ms Deepika, Ms Divya, Ms Jyotsna, Ms Nibbrati, Ms Geetanjali, Ms Sonali, Ms Payal, Mr Sandeep, Mr Jugjiv, Mr Manoj, Mr Anoop, Mr Kartikey and Mr Satyam! Dear gurus, I am forever thankful to you, not just for teaching me different subjects but for being my perfect friend and supporting me. Thank you for teaching me the excellent subject of values. All of you have a significant meaning in my life. No matter what, I can never forget you because you made me what I am today and will always continue to inspire me. Thank you very much!  For my dear mother, I have nothing to say except that I love you very much! You are my bedrock mentor, and you mean everything to me. Thank you for being a strict and firm mother and yet being such a wonderful friend! Thank you, dear frentor !! R

Teachers' Day - Yashraj Sharma

  Joyce Meyer rightly said, “Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.”  Here is my tribute to my beloved Shreegurus and mentors on this auspicious “teacher’s day” occasion. I have written an acrostic poem: T - Tenderhearted E - Enthusiastic A - Amazing C - Creative H - Humble E - Energetic R - Responsible Yashraj Sharma Grade: VIII Gyanshree school

What Independence means to me - Yashraj Sharma

Freedom to me is to express and enhance my ideas freely. When I am free to learn from my mistakes, it is a token of privilege. On this occasion of Independence day, I want to be grateful to my parents, my Shreegurus and all my well-wishers to keep trust in me and for always give me my space to enhance my thoughts and creativity. But as it's said, freedom comes with responsibility, They are the two sides of a coin. Genuine freedom is the ability to choose the most beneficial action or direction for ourselves at every moment. This is not easily accomplished. It requires a keen sense of self-awareness. Without self-awareness, it is unlikely that we would understand the real meaning of freedom. To maintain self-awareness, we need to cultivate responsibility.  Like it's not just sufficient to host our national flag at national festivals and sing some patriotic songs, but along with this, we should make sure to do our bit for our country to make it a happy and prosperous nation. Happ

Thank You My Gurus - Gaurangi Rastogi

This story is about my life which took me on a new path of achievement….  Date-1st  April 2017  The day is crucial for me because I joined my school this year. This year was so topsy-turvy as it is difficult to settle without parents.  Life took off like a rocket from that year. My first achievement was to win a merit position in elocutions, quizzes, and co-curricular activities. I never won a single prize at my school in my hometown.  Soon after, I met some very good people in my life who gave a kickstart to a better version of myself; guess who they are? They were Sandeep Sir, Sumali Mam, and Abhikshit Sir. Let me tell you why they are my most prominent gurus who gave me a chance to know myself a little more.  Sandeep, Sir- He gave me the motivation to work, understand my capabilities, and gave me back my immense passion for Books which I lost for a few years because of a few people who used to tease me and made me so upset that for weeks I started questioning myself that “What

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