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Thursday 8 June 2023

My Passing Out Speech at School - Keyura Rao Cheeti

Hi! I am Keyura, a student of class 5 who is now graduating from Primary and moving to middle school. How can I ever forget the year I first stepped into this school in Primary. The teachers, the ayyammas, the students, everyone were very welcoming. 

The first time when I saw a Prefect minding the assembly and telling the children what was right for them, that was the moment I knew I wanted to be a Prefect! When I discovered I was selected for the Prefect interview, my heart jumped joyfully!

I WAS VERY NERVOUS when I reached the waiting area, and my heart was beating fast. When my name was called to take the interview, I pushed that nervousness away and felt confident. A few days later, I found out I was a Technology Prefect! On the day of the investiture ceremony, I was super excited. I got to shake hands with the Commissioner of Police, Mr C.V. Anand, IPS! That was amazing! 

I made friends yearly but lost touch with them as we got shuffled. In the Primary, I was also a part of the choir. I got to participate in all the singing performances. Joining the choir made me realize my love for singing and being on the stage. During COVID, when I was in 3rd and 4th grade, I made some excellent friends and stayed in contact with them online. I ended my Primary with a BIG surprise! Me and four of my other friends were selected for a student exchange program, My Good School Retreat 2023.

Good School Alliance also offers a Sunday school program for avid readers. We got to go to Dehradun as part of this program. We were warmly welcomed at The Doon Girls School. We visited  The Doon School. We had a lot of fun in Dehradun by trekking, watching cultural programs and attending circle time, where we express our gratitude daily. There, we had to talk about our state and our school. I enjoyed it a lot
though I was a little homesick. But overall, what a way to end primary school, isn't it? 

We learnt many things here in Primary School that we must apply in Middle School. I enjoyed winning, learnt to accept failure, stand up for what I believed in, let go and always have a good time. My best friends might be shuffled as I speak, but this will allow me to make more. I am leaving here with many memories, advice, friends and teachers that will be in my heart forever. 

Keyura Rao Cheeti,
Class VI
The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet

Saturday 29 April 2023

My Good School Retreat 2023 - Shristi Khulal

On the first day, when I entered the gate of The Doon Girls School. I was excited and nervous and was experiencing a mixture of feelings inside my head. I thought about what it would be like to meet new people from different parts of the country, for which I was a little nervous, but now I have known them for a long time. I couldn't even believe that the four days we spent were so memorable and not just unique but precious too.

While I sit and think about those days, the flashback of the precious memories always strikes my mind. I cannot explain how beautiful they were. Meeting different people and learning so much about their places and schools from Powerpoint Presentations was an excellent experience. I felt amazed when I learned that the school from which Ram Charan studied was there with us. 

Whenever I sit and reflect on those four days first scene that comes to my eyes is our visit to Khalanga War Memorial. I enjoyed the trip and loved the smell of flowers from the Sal tree and the hill. I was grateful to meet mr Col Vikram Thapa and his team, from whom we learned many things about the war between Gorkhas and the British. As I am Nepali, I felt proud to hear about the bravery of Gorkhas. I enjoyed the walk up the hill, talking to the guiding sir. I felt thrilled to speak to the guiding team in my mother tongue and remain in my place. The view of Dehradun City from the hill was beautiful, in which I was trying to locate my school. I didn't know we could be so connected and share a precious moment in less time. 

I even smile when I think of the funny moments in the Khan Farm where we played fun games. Not only were they fun, but they also taught us many skills like listening, coordination, teamwork and other leadership qualities. Also, the o ji, o ji by sir from Blossom School was a lot of fun.

How can I forget the visit to one of the most prestigious schools in India for which I am really grateful? Before visiting The Doon School, I used to talk to my friend while going to school by bus on seeing the tall wall, and now I feel fortunate and grateful. Whenever I see the wall from the bus, the memories stike in my mind of taking around the school with curious minds. I loved everything about the school, from the beautiful buildings to the activities available there. 

I also miss the German Shepherd of the farmhouse, Max, Lily, and Dizzy, with whom I played. It was a beautiful moment. I was so mesmerized by the performance of The Doon Girls School students in the cultural show. I will never forget the motivational words by Monisha Ma'am. The morning walk on the Khan farm comes to my mind whenever I see the fields filled with crops and trees. On hearing the song Jeena Jeena, the moment came into my mind when the music teacher of Doon Girls School was teaching us guitar.

On the last day, when everyone was leaving one by one, I could see the beautiful memories we cherished together, and for a while, I felt sad. Before going to The Retreat, I never thought these four days would be this memorable. I am really grateful and thankful for getting this opportunity. Thanks to The Doon Girls School for being so good to us.

Shristi Khulal

Reflecting on the My Good School Retreat 2023

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2023 at 21:52


Dear Teachers,

Hope you had a nice day.

When I got a chance to attend the My Good School Retreat in the Doon Girls School, first l was very excited to see the people from various parts of India whom I had only heard or seen on the screen. On the other hand, I needed clarification about interacting with them. But who knew that I would talk to everyone and enjoy with them. 

On the first day, we walked to Khalanga War Memorial, Nalapani, accompanied by Col Vikram Thapa and two more people. One of them was around the 70s and was very kind and friendly. We learnt many things from him, like about the Khalanga War etc. After the walk, we returned to The Doon Girls School, where we had the Icebreaking session, held after the tasty lunch in the school. In the evening, we had presentations by various schools which were knowledgeable, but at the same time, I was scared too, as it was my first presentation in public.
We left for The Doon School the next day, which was a great life opportunity for me. There we had our breakfast, and I liked the school system as it was different from regular schools; all the activities done in the school were looked after by the students and even the school assembly. After the walk in the school, we went forward to Khan Farm, Biharigarh. We had a nature walk and played many games, including the talent show, team building and leadership activity. Through those games, we learned how a leader should act.

It was the second last day when we returned from Biharigarh. Then back in school, we had to reflect on our two-day journey. And I had many things to say, but couldn't I be nervous to say things in front of others. When it was my turn to speak, I said something funny, which made everyone laugh. After that, we had our friendly basketball match between the retreat team and the Doon Girls School. Fortunately, we won the game by one point. There was a situation when I snatched the ball from a girl, but later in the game, she took revenge, which was fun.
On the last day, it was Earth Day celebrations in which many schools came and sang songs based on nature, and we also sang the song "Somewhere In The World".

I am very thankful to the Director of Pesstalozzi for giving us such a great opportunity, Shelja Ma'am, and Minaxi Ma'am for supporting us.

Thanking you 

Yours faithfully,
Monika Singh Pundir 

Minor edits were made to publish the letter in its form and substance.

Friday 28 April 2023

Reflection on our Retreat - Tenzin Nyingsel

Many questions were spinning around my mind on the first day. Whether I'll be able to communicate correctly or not? Or will the presentation be good? All these questions raised anxiety and fear inside me, due to which I felt so hopeless. But I thought I was still in my hostel once I got there. Including all the educational and professional places we visited during the Retreat.

So at the start of the day, before going to the Khalanga War Memorial, we played many indoor games which taught many morals about teamwork, leadership and self-power. Then after that, we had our meals, which were so deliciously made and professionally served for us at the table, including the tasty sweets and cold ice-creams after every meal. After that, we went to the Khalanga War Memorial, where we learned about the importance and the history behind that place. Two to three people guided us while explaining the site's significance. Even with them, I had a great time. 

On the second day of the Retreat, we went to The Doon School, where we learned about the names of the buildings named after the great master of that school. Many of the masters who studied there and passed from there were under the lists of names of the titles who had many achievements in that school. Children learning there had many activities as optional, and the students had to move from class to class of teachers. They had a great big hall about which I liked the most and was shocked about the most! They conduct their assembly with talented students playing many instruments and making melodious music.

After The Doon School, we visited The Khan Farm in Uttar Pradesh. While going, we had many funny moments and sang many songs. Due to this, I enjoyed that time a lot. We also did many indoor games and activities when we reached there. We learned that whenever we lead a special team, we should first listen to every opinion suggested by our teammates. But we shouldn't do things in a hurry to always win; instead, we should take our time to think and do the activity with no load. At the farmhouse, we stayed one night and had a great time with the other people in the Retreat. We even had a talent show at night where everybody showed their various talents. Due to this, I got to know more about them. In the early morning, we had a nature walk. Even though I didn't see many animals, I got their presence due to the footprints and sound. Then again we were served many delicious foods and sweets at the end.

Back at The Doon Girls' School, we had our reflection time and a friendly basketball match. Since I didn't know much about the game, I joined them by cheering them up.

The days flew like thin paper in the blowing wind at the end of the My Good School Retreat. The great experience and funny moments with the people in the Retreat were about to end. On that day, we had a function held by The Doon Girls' School, where many talented kids came from different schools to sing on Earth Day. A few hours later, we bid farewell to our unforgettable friends with handshakes, hugs and promises to meet again. 

Like every chapter in the book has its own ending, our Retreat also ended with memorable experiences and friendly relations. But the chapter containing our memories will be the best I have read and experienced.

Tenzin Nyingsel
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Wednesday 26 April 2023

My Good School Retreat 2023 - Nishan Karki

I have got many great opportunities in my life. The excellent My Good School Retreat is one of the best opportunities, giving me many life lessons. This will be an unforgettable part of my life. I had never been so excited about many things, but this was the opposite. I have described below my experiences and what I learned during this retreat.

Day 1: 18th April 2023

Our trip was going to be great, and I was very excited. Excitedly, I left Pestalozzi, my four friends, and my escort teacher Minaxi Rawat. I was hoping my day would go well. On reaching The Doon Girls School, we first had our RT-PTR tests. The good result was that all of our reports came negative. We assembled at the basketball for the walk at Khalanga War Memorial, Nalapani.

Khalanga War Memorial: The day's first activity was visiting Khalanga War Memorial. The Memorial was located in a hilly region which I like. Now for sure, my day was going to be very significant. When I entered the memorial surrounding, I felt like I was in my hometown in Nepal. We gathered at one place where we had our introduction. We had a little introduction about that place by Col Vikram Thapa.

Along with him, there were three more people. They all were Nepali. I conversed with them and gathered a lot of information about that place. We had a nearly 1 km walk from where we gathered to the Memorial. 

We reached the Memorial and spent time talking, making friends and clicking pictures. After some time, we left the Memorial and went back. On our way back, we also visited the Chandrani Devi Temple. Both the Memorial and temple were incredible. The sal forest also added more beauty to them. We thanked all the people who supported us during this visit. We also presented them with some gifts.

Ice-Breaking Session: The ice-breaking session was conducted by Monisha Ma'am and other teachers of The Doon Girls School. In this session, we had many activities, such as our introduction, the secret fact about us and some fun games. The games were entertaining, which also continued hidden moral values.

Schools shared their PowerPoint Presentations: In this session, students from various schools presented the Presentation about the heritages of their places. It was a very effective learning source, and we learned about the heritage of different areas.

Fun Games: We played fun games during this session, including dodgeball and chasing games.

Cultural Program by The Doon Girls School: The school girls presented various cultural activities in this session. They included choir, dance, drama and yoga. They gave all of their actions very beautifully.

 Day 2: 19th April 2023

We all came to The Doon Girls School and assembled at Basketball Court for a visit to The Doon School.

The Doon School: One of the top 10 schools in India, The Doon School indeed needs appreciation for its level of education, environment and facilities. The students studying there are very hardworking and disciplined. Even the Headmaster, Dr Jagpreet Singh, was very friendly with everyone and knew every child's name. Indeed the visit to The Doon School was once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Khan Farm, Biharigarh: The Khan Farm in Biharigarh was beautiful. It was a mango farm with small fruits growing on the trees. We stayed here for a day and had a lot of fun. We also did many activities. They included team-building sessions, walking and exploring the farm and a talent show. During these sessions, we played various games containing moral values. Exploring the farm surrounded by beautiful mango trees was fun. Coming close to nature is a great experience. In the talent shows, every group shared their talent. We sang a Nepali, a Tibetan, an English and Peatalozzi song. The food here was also delicious. Even now, also I miss the food.

Day 3: 20th April 2023

Again there was another new day starting. We all woke up and got ready for a fresh start to the day. We had to do many activities this day. We had the activities like Understanding Farming and Leader in Me. Without farmers to produce the food we need daily, we would die of hunger. Farming is an essential source of livelihood. The Leader in Me session taught us about famous leaders and their characteristics. Each school had to choose two leaders and talk about them.

After all these activities, our trip to The Khan Farm ended. We thanked all the people on the farm who supported us during this trip.

We reached The Doon Girls School in the afternoon. We all were tired due to the travel by bus. Now it was time for us to take some rest. After our rest time, we had to share our trip experience. Each child from every school shared their experience of the past few days.

The session after this was very interesting. It was a friendly Basketball match between the retreat and The Doon Girls School teams. Both the teams played very well. I also participated in and played the game. The good news for us was we won the match by one point. The score was 19- 18. After the game, we all were praised for playing so well.

Day 4: 21st April 2023

This was the last day of our retreat. The activities today were only till the afternoon. On this day, the activities included workshops like needlework, art, craft, designing, bamboo works, music, etc. There was a music festival also.

I attended the needlework class and the bamboo work class. I found both of them very interesting and valuable. I enjoyed this time and learned new things.

The Music Festival - Music of Spheres was conducted by the Doon Girls School. Many other schools also participated in this event. We sang a song called Changer of Seasons. All the schools sang very beautifully. Indeed, music brings peace to mind.

After this session, we had some snacks and left for home. It was such a wonderful experience.

Nishan Karki is a great youth ambassador for Pestalozzi Children's Village India.

Sunday 23 April 2023

My Good School Retreat 2023 - Tenzin Jambey

Seeing all the teachers and friends leaving with whom I spent an excellent time for four days, I almost cried. After spending four days together, I felt like we had been together for a very long period, and during this time, I became very close with them; I suppose that we all became so close that we were much more than best friends and because of this bond I emotional when everyone was leaving, the only thing which  I could say was " goodbye " and " best wishes ahead " I wanted to say many things, but the words were not coming from my mouth, one after one everyone started leaving and only HPS (Hyderabad Public School) group were left, for few minutes we talked and after a while, they were also nowhere to be seen. 

I was sitting near the basketball court of The Doon Girls School with my other Pestalozzi's friends and Shelja Ma'am, we were waiting for our bus to come and then suddenly my memories flashed back and I saw two vision that deeply touched my heart, first was the vision my friends entering the school on first day with full excitement and another was again them who were now heading  back to home with happy memories, pocket full of knowledge and with sad feelings of getting apart then I remembered the words of Monisha Ma'am who on first day told us that the word retreat means "heading back" but in our case the word retreat meant  something else for us it's meaning was heading back with good memories, memorable experiences, pocket full of knowledge and atlast the sadness of getting apart with eachother, these thoughts kept roaming in my mind and I kept on reflecting upon it while I was sitting near the basketball court of The Doon Girls School (DGS) where we had a friendly match with DGS versus the retreat group, I match was fun and and went tough as I was also among the player I really enjoyed but the spectators enjoyed even more seeing us putting basket and getting tired.

"Bus has come," said Shelja Ma'am and in a minute, we were inside the bus, I still looked at the DGS building even when the bus was moving, and after a turn, I could not see the school. We were going from the same road, the road from where we went to the Kalanga war memorial, The Doon School, and Khan Farm, and now from the same route, we were going back to Pestalozzi, the same road. I was sitting in the front seat, and it was 1:50 pm, and I played the "Jena Jena" song on guitar. No other song came into my mind; only this song came, which Malan Sir played for us during guitar class in DGS.

He taught us many guitar lessons in one hour, and if we had more time, he might have taught us many more things. I don't know whether this kind of feeling comes in every person or not; I get overwhelmed with happiness when I meet someone from my place or northeast as I am also from north east "Arunachal" I feel happy to meet someone from there; the guitar Sir was from Manipur, and because of that, I got even more interest in learning from him and also many students in DGS were from Arunachal. For a moment, I felt like I had met my brothers and sisters, as we have many things in common, especially those tiny eyes. Getting apart was the most challenging situation for me; it was even more difficult than singing a song on stage on the last day among different schools and students I had never seen or met.

The bus suddenly stopped, and I opened my eyes and found that I had reached back. I didn't even know when I went to sleep, but while I was getting off the bus, many thoughts came into my mind, which made me feel a bit worried as I was absent for three days from school. I wondered how much homework I must have got, which I could do without any difficulties, but the lessons or chapter taught in school was something I had to understand all by myself. I entered my room and saw all my friends resting; I was also tired and fell on my bed and tried to sleep. Still, the memories of the retreat kept me awake for a while. Somehow after a few minutes, I managed to sleep.

At 5 pm, ma'am came to wake us up, and there was a workshop. After the workshop, my friends. I went to Cheme la Ma'am to thank her for allowing us to attend the My Good School Retreat. She was simultaneously pleased and proud of us because we guys did an excellent job within these four days; she said, "We don't need to be thanked because you all deserve it." Those who work hard are always rewarded, which motivated me to work even harder even in future. I would love the reward of attending the My Good School Retreat.

We had our study hour from 8 pm to 10 pm, but I didn't feel like studying, and I thought of writing the reflection on the trip for four days. Then I took my reflection notebook and a pen and started putting my thoughts and emotions into words. From the first day of my visit to the Kalanga war memorial to the last day of the Earth Day celebration, I kept emphasising my mind to remember every moment.

In my notebook, I wrote down the lessons I had learnt and the life skills taught by Monisha Ma'am greatly influenced and motivated me to push myself towards success. I kept on writing, and I didn't even know how two hours had passed, and at 10 pm, I went to bed. I was lying in bed when I heard the sound of thunder bursting, and it took me back to the visit to Khan Farm. We enjoyed sitting on the sofa on the veranda and seeing the thunder and shower of rain was one of the most beautiful pictures I had ever seen. The lightning of thunder brought daylight for a second, and again, the darkness came  While I was thinking about this, it was already 11 pm. I felt like someone had stolen my sleep away, I wanted to sleep, but I could not.

I missed all my friends, and I wanted to see the faces of Monisha Ma'am, Shilpika Ma'am, Kunal Bhaiya, Sathya Ma'am, Malan Sir, Taraksh, Aradhya, Snigha, Vibha, Sanitah, Tammana, Yashraj, Ragav, Oshi and my Arunachal I friend Zirpo. More than that, I was excited to sleep because I thought they all might come in my dream, and after sometimes I went into a deep sleep.

At last, I would like to thank Sandeep Sir, Monisha Ma'am and DGS group for organising the beautiful events and assisting us in various ways.

Thanks to Cheme la Ma'am for allowing me to attend this retreat, Shelja Ma'am and Minaxi Ma'am for helping us for all four days.

Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Thanks to the Headmaster, Staff and Students at The Doon School