Monday 15 August 2022

What Independence means to me - Yashraj Sharma

Freedom to me is to express and enhance my ideas freely. When I am free to learn from my mistakes, it is a token of privilege.

On this occasion of Independence day, I want to be grateful to my parents, my Shreegurus and all my well-wishers to keep trust in me and for always give me my space to enhance my thoughts and creativity.

But as it's said, freedom comes with responsibility,

They are the two sides of a coin.

Genuine freedom is the ability to choose the most beneficial action or direction for ourselves at every moment. This is not easily accomplished. It requires a keen sense of self-awareness. Without self-awareness, it is unlikely that we would understand the real meaning of freedom.

To maintain self-awareness, we need to cultivate responsibility. 

Like it's not just sufficient to host our national flag at national festivals and sing some patriotic songs, but along with this, we should make sure to do our bit for our country to make it a happy and prosperous nation.

Happy Independence day, everyone!!

Yashraj Sharma

Grade: VIII

Gyanshree school

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