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My Good School Retreat 2023 - Shristi Khulal

On the first day, when I entered the gate of The Doon Girls School. I was excited and nervous and was experiencing a mixture of feelings inside my head. I thought about what it would be like to meet new people from different parts of the country, for which I was a little nervous, but now I have known them for a long time. I couldn't even believe that the four days we spent were so memorable and not just unique but precious too. While I sit and think about those days, the flashback of the precious memories always strikes my mind. I cannot explain how beautiful they were. Meeting different people and learning so much about their places and schools from Powerpoint Presentations was an excellent experience. I felt amazed when I learned that the school from which Ram Charan studied was there with us.  Whenever I sit and reflect on those four days first scene that comes to my eyes is our visit to Khalanga War Memorial. I enjoyed the trip and loved the smell of flowers from the Sal tree a

Reflection on our Retreat - Tenzin Nyingsel

Many questions were spinning around my mind on the first day. Whether I'll be able to communicate correctly or not? Or will the presentation be good? All these questions raised anxiety and fear inside me, due to which I felt so hopeless. But I thought I was still in my hostel once I got there. Including all the educational and professional places we visited during the Retreat. So at the start of the day, before going to the Khalanga War Memorial, we played many indoor games which taught many morals about teamwork, leadership and self-power. Then after that, we had our meals, which were so deliciously made and professionally served for us at the table, including the tasty sweets and cold ice-creams after every meal. After that, we went to the Khalanga War Memorial, where we learned about the importance and the history behind that place. Two to three people guided us while explaining the site's significance. Even with them, I had a great time.  On the second day of the Retreat, w

Have you ever experienced the dilemma between the heart and mind?

A situation in which we have to make a difficult choice between two or more things is a dilemma. Everyone  has to face such situations in their life. When I was in Grade 3, a child who was really fond of playing games rather than studying, but I had never failed any examination as I used to study the day before the test. Once examinations were approaching, and my father told me to start studying instead of playing every day. I didn't bother as my heart told me to go out and play. At the same time, my mind continuously reminded me about my examination and to study as I may fail my upcoming examination. I listened to my heart rather than my mind, not thinking about the outcome. At the time of the test, I could not remember what I had learned the day before the exam; thus, I failed the exam. Later on I regretted making the wrong choice, from that day onwards, I decided to listen to mind rather than my  heart. Jeni Sherpa Pestalozzi Children’s Village   India Reading The Art Of Focus b

Happy Father's Day! - Rishona Chopra

This is for my father, Who always stood up for his daughter, He cared for me, Like family. He told me to brush my teeth, And stay tidy and neat. He played with me all sorts of games, He stood with me through my little pains, We have lots of fun, Yet I don't realize he loves me more than anyone. We often talk about the unconditional love of a mother, But in the world, there is the love of a father, He often scolds me, and I sold him, He allowed me to go to the gym and for a swim, He was there with me to help me face my fear of dogs, He is my father and my god. I say I don't love him, But really, I do love him more than anyone in the world, yes, I do. Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

Be the change - Yashraj Sharma

People always want change. They say, “I wish I could change this”, or “I wish I could change that, etc. To be honest, even I do think that sometimes. Many great personalities took the first step toward a significant change. Let me tell you about one of my experiences- A few years ago, I used to play online games and eventually became quite addicted to them. My society friends started calling me to play with them. Those games distracted me from my studies to quite an extent. When I got some idle time, I used to start playing games.  But after some time, I started noticing that my younger sister also started playing some other games and got addicted to them. I told her to stop playing or at least reduce the time she used to play. She told me that even if I play for hours, why should she stop playing. I felt terrible for her and myself. So, I decided to reduce my gaming time and only play on weekends. I started doing that, and my sister followed too! That day I imbibed two life lessons “Y

Friendship - Sia Nagar

I n March I shifted to a new society I only had one friend Tvisha. When I played a game with her, we were looking for someone who could play with us. We found a girl named Pankti, we played with her. The next day I played with her and lots of kids were there with her. While we were playing, I found a girl named Aarya. She joined us too, and we were good friends. One day I was went to the park there was nobody except Pankti and Aarya then I got to know they both are also good friends, now we are best friends, and we have picnics and parties etc. Sia Nagar Grade III Gyanshree School