Friday 29 July 2022

Thank You My Gurus - Gaurangi Rastogi

This story is about my life which took me on a new path of achievement…. 

Date-1st  April 2017 

The day is crucial for me because I joined my school this year. This year was so topsy-turvy as it is difficult to settle without parents. 

Life took off like a rocket from that year. My first achievement was to win a merit position in elocutions, quizzes, and co-curricular activities. I never won a single prize at my school in my hometown. Soon after, I met some very good people in my life who gave a kickstart to a better version of myself; guess who they are? They were Sandeep Sir, Sumali Mam, and Abhikshit Sir. Let me tell you why they are my most prominent gurus who gave me a chance to know myself a little more. 

  • Sandeep, Sir- He gave me the motivation to work, understand my capabilities, and gave me back my immense passion for Books which I lost for a few years because of a few people who used to tease me and made me so upset that for weeks I started questioning myself that “What is wrong if you focus only on your academics,co-curricular activities or any field?” A big shout out to Sir, saying 

         Thank You, Sir, for the opportunity to help me learn the skill of writing! 

  • Sumali Ma’am- Ma’am, you always gave me opportunities to polish my skills which I  never realized. You helped me to understand the language of Shakespeare. In the competition, I didn’t win anything, but you gave me the prize I craved for the feedback on my performance. 

  • Abhikshit Sir- He is the physics teacher in our class. My classmates and I were stressed about the physics exam because we didn’t understand the numerical when Sir called us during our prep and made us understand everything. He always had my back whenever I was under stress or under too much pressure. Thank you, Sir. 

These teachers were my back for all these years full of learning, friendship, trust, and integrity…

A Big Shout to all of you   


                           Thank You For Becoming my support system…

Gaurangi Rastogi, 

Grade 7, 

The Doon Girl’s School

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