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Why Reading Aloud Never Gets Old - Edutopia

Research shows that reading aloud to your students—even long after they're reading independently—benefits learners of all ages. Sign up for our monthly newsletter, The Research Is In: Find more literacy practices on Follow us here: Official Website: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: © 2021 George Lucas Educational Foundation

Totto-chan: The Little Girl At The Window - Rishona Chopra

Totto-chan, you're great,  You're someone with who I can relate, You are kind, You help the blind. You are sweet, You acted like you were meat! You have amazing skills, You bravely climb hills. You wanted to be a ticket seller, But you could even be a storyteller! You want to be a spy and a musician, You truly have a great ambition. You're talkative and have so much to tell, You're a great rebel. I wish I were a bit more like you! And that's true! The school you go in, It's so great, Where can I begin? A unique school it is, A bright shine it has, No rules for studying or going in the pool, It was truly so cool! The headmaster was a musician, And he had great ambitions! He wanted students to learn with passion and fun, He let the play in the gardens and run! I wish I too went to this school, There truly would be no strict rules! They let students learn at their pace, So that they learnt with grace. They visited a hot spring at such a young age, It kept them so e