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Gratitude - Rishona Chopra

I am happy because I am grateful. I chose to be thankful. That gratitude allows me to be satisfied.  - Will Arnett Gratitude is to be thankful. We have so many things in our lives to be grateful for. In fact, everything we have we should be happy with! We have a home to live in,  We have goals that thrive,  We have clothes to wear, And we have the education to share! The challenges that we face,  Are just the base, For us to become a divine soul, And reach our primary goal! This poem tells us that there are several things to thank for! Every happy and sad moment is a blessing, the tragic, challenging moments make you more resilient and mature, and the happy ones are for you to enjoy!  The food we eat is a great blessing. Not everyone is lucky to get as delicious food as us. All of us have three meals a day. They sustain and nourish us to sit, move, speak, smile, and complete tasks. It is essential to love and respect what we eat for the way food serves us. We often find ourselves grumb

Happiness - Leesha Suthar

Happiness is a feeling which each and everyone experiences in his or her life. There are different ways in which we get happiness. We experience a lot of happiness by living in a joint family because there the whole family lives together. Going to someone's wedding or someone in the family is getting married. We enjoy it, we have fun, we get happiness in that.  School trips, family trips, friends trips and going for picnics, we are very happy in those moments because we enjoy ourselves a lot during that time. On someone’s birth and performing functions, playing with the newborn baby gives us immense joy.  The joy we used to get when we were little ones, like playing with toys, going out, having fun, falling in love, going to school for the first time, meeting new friends, and seeing a place for the first time or whatever we did which no one has ever done also make us happy. Fighting with brother, teasing him, having fun with him, taking small things from him. Eating