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Ahlcon's Eyes On The Skies - Slooh

Slooh India partners with Slooh and spreads the joy of learning with community Astronomy. Witness the beautiful Blood Moon Eclipse of 16th May. Hope you enjoy this excellent presentation! Slooh makes real-world, real-time space exploration accessible for every student without the hassle of purchasing, storing, and maintaining a fleet of expensive student-grade telescopes. Presented by (members of Slooh Astronomy Club): Vanshika, Dakshya and Daksha #JoyOfLearning

Lunar Eclipse - Dakshya Mishra

Right here is an image of the lunar eclipse on the 16th of May as the Moon reached totality. The photo was taken from Mobile 3, active during the great eclipse! Believe me, it wasn't visible here in India. Total Lunar eclipses aren't as rare as they happen occasionally. Hope you enjoy this wonderful image! Dakshya Mishra of Class 8-D Ahlcon Public School has been a member of Slooh since December 2021. He has earned 12119 gravity points, loads and observations and is active all day! www.Slooh.Org.IN Join a global community,  and explore space via a network of robotic mountaintop telescopes.