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My First 'Venture' to 'My Good School'...- Unnati Dabral

Did I call it a  'venture' ? Indeed yes. You might be thinking, "Why I wrote venture instead of putting 'visit'?" Of course, to make my readers wonder why? And to make them curious. I was a creative and rough-tough kid since I first started schooling. But that doesn't mean I was confident back then. When it comes to vivas, although my 'Know it All' attitude used to kick in, I used to get nervous. I still do. So, the first fellow to join 'My Good School' happened to be my friend, Geetankshi. She told me about this opportunity at 'The English Book Depot'. She told me to write about 'What it takes to spread the joy of learning at schools?', mail it, and then wait for the reply. At first, I procrastinated on the task for a few days. My friend told me to visit the place and meet the founder. I thought it was a good idea. I wrote a mail to the head body before leaving for the visit. The moment I reached there, I fell in love with

Being Human - Anvesha Rana

We are all human by birth, but that does not make a difference until we choose to be human. God has gifted us with the power of speech, the ability to harness raw materials and turn them into resources, the power to help other living entities and the capacity to develop a world of acceptance, but we have only taken the better out of our birth given right, never considering it to be a boon but an obvious fact. We never are grateful for being human simply because we don’t think we are human. In this fast-paced world where everyone seems to be struggling for something, we have forgotten what being human means. We only cater to our needs, worry about our goals, focus on our problems, and only look at good things for us. As we forget to be human, we fail to be empathetic, compassionate and helpful; we might say that being independent is the need of the hour and that one should always look out for themselves, but then what is the difference between the predators and us out in the wild which

Understanding - Anvesha Rana

Understanding is not just about learning but also about living. When others confess their mistakes, lies or problems to us, we often turn a blind eye towards them and do not listen. Still, we need to be humble enough to understand what they are going through, be kind enough to give them a shoulder and be trustworthy sufficient to accept their reality. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Each person deserves love and affection just the way we do. Understanding is not a simple task; it requires the power to trust and tolerate and the necessity of being thoughtful while observing the simplicity at the heart of the matter and eventually giving in honestly to love. If we can understand, then we can trust. If we can understand, then we can be patient; if we can understand, we can tolerate and understand; only we can love. At My Good School, understanding is experienced at its core. We initially listen to each other and then begin to understand one another. This is followed by a bond

Coffee With The Coach : Our Happiness - Anvesha Rana

Today We Talk About Our Happiness Many of us feel that we will only be happy when something big happens when we finally get promoted or get an expensive gift. Why are we so adamant about linking our happiness to worldly possessions? Why can’t we be happy for no reason? Our joy is always because of something, and as long as this lasts, we can never be pleased since someday, the best dress in your closet will look worn out. Eventually, the best game you got once will look very old and ultimately, the job that you had always dreamt of will turn out to be a nightmare.   There should be no because when it comes to happiness, I am happy. After all, it is just not okay. I am happy, that’s it. I need no reason to be happy. Someday that reason will go, and then I will be sad. So I am happy, as simple as that. But even I agree it's tough to be happy without any reason, once you think about it, do we always have something to be sad about? Is the world always falling apart for us? Are we alway

The Heart or The Mind ? - Anvesha Rana

The battle between the heart and the mind never really comes to an end. It is just like a tennis match. The ball goes back and forth, back and forth, until finally, the eyes give away, and we doze off. We talk about listening to the heart or mind, but most of the time, during crucial decisions, we are not even consciously aware of whether our heart or mind made this decision. Staying conscious about our inner voice, along with the doubts that it offers, is a part of being human.  We often do not heed the voice within, but our best advisor is our own voice rather than family, friends or anyone. Whenever you find yourself running at a tremendous speed, you are running so fast that the faces of your loved ones have blurred away, then stop, pause and observe yourself. Being aware of who we are is life.  Once we learn to listen to ourselves, the question of the heart or the mind arises. The mind always resonates with what makes sense, but the heart believes in the power of intuition, going

What do I Value the most ? - Anvesha Rana

   Joyful Days and Fun chimes ,  With our loved ones are the best times, Laughter surrounds us, and smiles spread,  As family and friends meet. We may always want to be there,  With our family and friends, But Alas! Not how our life wishes.  But the cycle continues.  And being the captain hurts, For wasting time, we can’t afford And to be lost amid not a good record.  Time continues,  Living never stops,  It does not wait for you, It goes on.  But as time passes,  We ameliorate and improve,  Unlike stagnant water, we always groove For we become better with every move.  I value my loved ones for being with me,  I love my time, for it is precious,  I love my Improvements as I move forward,  I love my life the most.  Anvesha Rana,  Grade 10-B,  Gyanshree School

The Power Of Love - Anvesha Rana

                             Earlier I was a mysterious soul, Inside me, I had a deep hole.  Which neither time nor work could reap,  All I needed was a retreat.  The vacancy grew larger,  The loneliness grew bigger,  But I still lurked in the corner,  Still searching for something warmer.  But then I saw a beautiful white dove,  Which perched up my tree,  Once it went, it came later affectionately,  And became a family guarantee!   I realized my family,  My mother, father and sister,  I saw them care, caress, fluster and support,  All in the name of love.  I understood my friends,  Calling me to make amends,  Or to catch up with the latest trends,  All in the name of love.  Then I discovered my passion,  Which taught me dedication And devotion and compassion,  All in the name of love.  I learnt a lot from them,  But I also learnt a lot from myself,  Which made me learn one more thing And that is Self-Love.  Thank you for  making me realize,  making me believe  And making me feel  The