Monday 20 December 2021

Courage - Aashay Gaitonde


It was the year 2019. I had gone on a holiday with my family to Pali, where we stayed at a weekend home. On a lazy Sunday morning, Dad & I were playing in the kids' pool. I don't know how to swim, but I always liked playing in the water. It's always great fun to splash onto the water and create waves with our hands. However, who knew, that such a fun morning could end with a horror story. While playing in the pool, I slipped and fell face-first into the water. My head was UNDERWATER! I couldn't breathe and panicked. I couldn't move. It's only because my dad pulled me up that I could breathe again, albeit with great difficulty (because of the water in my nose!)

Fast forward to 2021, my parents planned the same trip this weekend & to the same place. And guess what? My mom & dad said to me this morning, "We are going to play in the pool." And this time, it was going to be the regular swimming pool and not the kids' pool. I was petrified! I tried to convince mom not to take me to the pool, but she said, "You need to learn swimming. Getting into the water is the first step.".

I was nervous, but the minute I went back into the water, I slowly started enjoying the pool like old times. And my mom taught me to hold my breath and put my head underwater for a few seconds. My immediate reaction was, "No!". But I knew mom was right. I had to stop being afraid at some point. I tried going underneath the water, and I could finally do it! I was able to put my head underwater and come out safely!

It may be a tiny thing, but for me, it was a big step to overcome my fear of water. I am not afraid of the pool anymore. I am not afraid of getting drowned too. I played in the pool for another hour, and I was able to enjoy every minute of it. This is my little story of courage. 

Name : Aashay Gaitonde
Grade: 5A
Billabong High International school, Thane

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