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Interview with an elephant - Rishona Chopra

  Hi! Today I am going to be interviewing Ms Cloud. Let’s all welcome her with a round of applause. Mrs Cloud: Thank you, but just a small thing, my name is not Cloud. In fact, it’s Ms. Elephant. Interviewer: Oh! I am so sorry. So let us welcome Ms Elephant. So Ms Elephant, please tell us your journey to become a cloud. Mrs Elephant: I was an elephant at first. I was living my life happily. I loved to dance, and I still do, but then the poachers, those evil mindless creatures…killed me. I was a perfect soul, and as I entered heaven, I always had this divine light surrounding me, and you can see I still have that light. So I remain in the sky, which is heaven, but for humans, the sky and I keep roaming around there having fun without any poachers to disturb me. Interviewer: That is an interesting story, and those poachers who hurt you are indeed mindless creatures. Moving on to the next question, do you like being a cloud? Mrs Elephant: Oh yes! I love being there. I get to meet so many

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