Friday 28 January 2022

Interview with an elephant - Rishona Chopra

 Hi! Today I am going to be interviewing Ms Cloud. Let’s all welcome her with a round of applause.

Mrs Cloud: Thank you, but just a small thing, my name is not Cloud. In fact, it’s Ms. Elephant.

Interviewer: Oh! I am so sorry. So let us welcome Ms Elephant. So Ms Elephant, please tell us your journey to become a cloud.

Mrs Elephant: I was an elephant at first. I was living my life happily. I loved to dance, and I still do, but then the poachers, those evil mindless creatures…killed me. I was a perfect soul, and as I entered heaven, I always had this divine light surrounding me, and you can see I still have that light. So I remain in the sky, which is heaven, but for humans, the sky and I keep roaming around there having fun without any poachers to disturb me.

Interviewer: That is an interesting story, and those poachers who hurt you are indeed mindless creatures. Moving on to the next question, do you like being a cloud?

Mrs Elephant: Oh yes! I love being there. I get to meet so many elephants and animals and even humans. The only bad part is that when thunderstorms come, those spirits who have done sins come, and they are so dark in colour! They look scary.

Interviewer: I can imagine. The last question is would you like to continue being a cloud or be an elephant on Earth.

Mrs Elephant: I am in two minds about this. Being a cloud, you are mostly safe, with no poachers around, but if you are unlucky, you might crash into an aeroplane! On the other hand, on Earth, you get to see and feel nature in an entirely different way, and you can bathe in rivers and have fun with other animals in a pretty different way. So I am not so sure.

Interviewer: It’s good that you know the advantages and disadvantages of both places. That was a fantastic interview. Also, it must be telling the poachers something that people have become clouds because of them!!  Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School


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