Monday 13 June 2022

Acoustic Life - Reveda Bhatt

Our fate and will to live,

Opens the lifelong gate.

Our love for others,

Makes us feel as gentle as a dove,

But when it comes to playing the blame game,

We should act like a human,

And not an animal who's not tame!

Being the way you are,

Never makes anyone feel bad.

It makes them feel good,

Even when they are sad!

So, just be kind to everyone, lad,

And, with following that, you'll never go mad!

Never hurt someone,

And, if you do,

You'll never get along with anyone!

And if you say sorry too,

That wound won't fill,

Just give them some time,

And they'll be talking to you of their own will!

- Reveda Bhatt 
Grade IX The Aryan School

Reveda has signed up for the Internship Program at the National Office of the Learning Forward India Foundation; she helps with social media outreach for My Good School.

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