Thursday 23 June 2022

Journaling: My Little Book Of Feelings - Rishona Chopra

Journaling is keeping a diary. You don't have to write long letters. A few drawings, page tearing, or even a few sentences can say it all. I like to call my journal - My Little Book Of Feelings because, in a day, I have so many feelings. In the morning, I am all happy and bright, and by the end of the day, all gloomy and sad. You never know! I am very unpredictable if you talk about my feelings.

You don't need to have a proper diary, just take a piece of paper and vent all your feelings. But then, when you have an excellent journal, and at the end of the week, you look at what you have written, you can reflect on your situations in a better way. I think expressing yourself by writing is much better because when you tell them with a person not necessary, they would actually understand your feelings, but that's just my way of doing it!

On the cover of my diary I have written - Open if you dare, don't you dare try to do that and of course have used lots of stickers and decorations to make it look beautiful. If you open my diary, you'll see torn pages that I pulled out of anger (and sometimes happiness). Even though you know I didn't mean it when I said, "Don't you dare open my diary", I am requesting you not to open it!

Every day is a new day with new feelings,
By writing, you feel you are healing.

Keep a small diary,
Tell all your thoughts about society.

You can boast,
And teel how you burnt a toast!

You can talk about all your friends and the things they did,
And how you want a best friend who is a friendly kid.

Share everything you want,
With no worry about the handwriting or font!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School

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