Sunday 26 June 2022

Coffee with the Coach - Anvesha Rana


Maybe it was a grandparent, a colleague or a teacher, someone older, patient and wiser, who ignited your lost mind; crackled the fire of learning in you when you were young and impassioned. It perhaps helped you view the world as a more profound place and gave you sound advice to guide your way through it. It was my teacher, maybe for you, it would be someone else but...

Wouldn't you like to see that one person again, to ask the more important questions that still haunt you and receive wisdom for life the way it is now?

Coffee with the Coach is a conversation between a teacher and his student about almost everything. Most importantly, about the 22 immutable values cornerstone of My Good School. Coffee with the Coach is a magical chronicle of their time spent together.

Anvesha Rana,

Grade 10-B,

Gyanshree School


  1. Thank you, Anvesha, coffee and conversations... this is where it all started for me in person. The story of Book Cafe and making of My Good School, mentoring, training and learning. Real life experience is the bedrock of taking learning forward.


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