Tuesday 14 June 2022

Getting To Know You,life - Reveda Bhatt

So, today, I'll tell you a truth that humans need to face boldly.

First of all, let's ask ourselves once what life means? I think life is just a path leading to a very mournful destination- death!

When you realize the meaning of this one statement profoundly, the first question popping into your mind is that 'Then what am I struggling for!?' If this is it, then you are back on the right path - I mean working really hard to earn money, not being a spendthrift, saving it for your future generations and then, after getting old, waiting for 'the payback' from your children for what all you've done for them but when you get what you expected or have more than you expected, it is too late.

At that particular point in time, all the places in the world long for your presence to be there, but your life doesn't allow you to, and by the time the reality hits you, you get a callback from where it all began. So, see, where you are, at this moment, this place is unique, so why not live life to your best right now, and not think about what's ahead or what's the end, cherish every moment so, at last, you do not blame anyone or anything for not being able to, and that's just life, the sooner you understand it, the better it'll be!

Reveda Bhatt 
Class 9
The Aryan School

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