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National Reading Day! - Rishona Chopra

The National Reading Day is celebrated on the 19th of June in India. It is to honour our teachers and books. The celebration started in 1996.

Read a book,
And don't judge it by its look!
By reading a book, you can become a cook.
Or a doctor and author too!
Just read a page a day,
And you will find your way,
Just make sure you read something,
A magazine, a novel, 
And trust me, no book is awful.
Fiction, non-fiction, Autobiographies
And biographies! 
You can read anything you want,
Reading a book about your knowledge will make you flaunt!
So my dear friends, do read a book,
You can read one every Sunday with My Good School!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VI
Gyanshree School


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