Sunday 12 June 2022

My Tantrums As A Child - Gaurangi Rastogi

 My childhood was a colourful one. Full of life, fun and tantrums. Whenever I talk about my childhood to my family, they say, “Beta, you were so fussy about anything you wanted.” 

I still remember one of them: a fuss about a dress! 

Really on a dress! 

I was 5 and very passionate about Disney princesses; my favourite was Cinderella. I wanted a dress like hers, which was unavailable in my hometown. So, I told my Papa to ask my aunt and bring it whenever she visited me. I did not eat anything for weeks when she got the dress. I rejoiced and kept it for my next birthday. For years, I just kept procrastinating about wearing the dress. It’s just kept in my closet and has fungus on it. 

There are many stories like this in my life, but this story made me realise that there is a reason behind our parent’s deeds. 

Gaurangi Rastogi 
The Doon Girls School 

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  1. Wonderful story! I also miss my childhood memories


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