Tuesday 7 June 2022

Totto-chan's Mother - Amaira Bhati


Totto-chan’s mother is kind, gentle and calm. Totto Chan had been expelled from her old school, but her mother had not scolded her, and she did not even tell her about the suspension so as to not upset her daughter. Instead, she made Totto Chan go to a new school. 

The teacher of Totto-chan’s old school was disappointed and annoyed by her but mother always stood by Totto-chan’s side and let Totto Chan be the cheerful and chirpy girl she was; mother kept Totto-chan’s expulsion a secret. 

It was the first day of Totto-chan’s new school, Tomoe Gakuen. It was a school with railroad cars as classrooms, and it deeply excited the jovial Totto Chan. Her mother played a crucial role in all this; she encouraged Totto-chan to share what she liked at the school that day and listened to all her tales with amusement. 

Even when Totto-chan ran to her mother and told her she wanted to be a ticket collector, her mother coolly reminded her that she wanted to be a spy instead. Totto-chan is very lucky to have a Mother so encouraging. Deep down, Totto-chan’s Mother knew all about her daughter’s potential even when she concealed her feelings most of the time. That’s the power of a mother.

Amaira Bhati,
Grade 3-F,
Gyanshree School

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