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Happy Asteroid Day - Charvi Jain

 | My Exploration with Slooh Telescope | 

Happy Asteroid Day I have prepared this video on My Exploration with Slooh on World Asteroid Day. I am sharing it with all of you. Hope you enjoy it. Club Name: Ahlcon's Eyes on the Skies Club Admin : Ms. Sarika Saxena ma'am School Name: Ahlcon Public School 0:00 Happy Asteroid Day 0:13 Introduction 0:23 Experience with Slooh 0:50 Our School Club 1:10 The Asteroids 1:23 Tunguska Event 1:45 United Nation 1:58 Pictures Clicked 2:08 Parthenope 11 2:13 Vesta 4 2:21 Metis 9 2:29 Juno 3 2:34 Iris 7 2:39 Hygiea 10 2:44 Astraea 5 2:49 Flora 8 2:55 Quote 3:03 Thank You Don't forget to: Like! Share! Subscribe! as it motivates us to create more videos. Drop your feedback in the comments below and Stay Tuned for updates. For any other inquiries:- Mail us at: arihantjainchannel@gmail.com


  1. Lovely compilation ❤️❤️👍👍


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